ADK Trail Inn

Your special stay is our goal

From the moment we set foot on the Inn's property in 2012, we sensed there was something special about this little place.  It was a warm May day and we were captivated by the smell of the pines, the gentle song of the river, the hum of the bumble bees ... we knew this was the kind of place we would want to bring our family to stay, so why not make it available to other like-minded people?!  Since then, we've been working hard to transform the inn (which was a little tired) into a warm, inviting space for families and friends to relax, connect and experience the Adirondacks.  

We've been busy!  Our upgraded rooms now have new carpet, modern showers and fixtures, higher quality linens and we've added several Queen rooms for those who like a more spacious bed. The game room sports fresh paint and comfortable furniture.  The dining room has been revamped to offer our popular "Quick Start" breakfast.  And most recently, we added two new beautiful B&B quality rooms in the Lodge (see Serenade and Daybreak on our rooms page).

Future plans include upgrading the remaining "vintage" rooms, a new roof on the front of the motel (so rain and ice no longer drip on the walking area), remodeling the cottage, restoration of Adirondack camping on the grounds, an expanded picnic area, additional riverside furniture and more!  

Our family loves creating beautiful spaces for others to create memories. We hope you enjoy your stay at the ADK Trail Inn as much as we've enjoyed preparing it for you.